Cool Foot Tattoos look Sexier with Gorgeous Heels

An awesome butterfly tattoo design is etched on right ankle foot.While folks commonly choose the back area or arms to display a tattoo, cool foot tattoos are also a great option especially for guys and girls. Your foot is a splendid space to embed a tattoo since it provides a flat canvass for the tat artist to work on.  For the kinds of tats that are made flowing or curling, your foot’s curves make it possible to create tats that look incredible.

Some of the popular tats that look attractive on your foot are tribal bands and tendrils.  One good thing about foot tats is that you can match them with other tattoos since they belong to the unisex category compared to other tats which you cannot combine with another kind of tat.  However, don’t rush-up in finalizing your decision to get these foot tattoos since it’s not as easy as that.

A pair of short guns tattoos designs are embedded on woman's feet.You’ll find that inking tattoos may be painful for a great number of people, but the tattooing process for cool foot tattoos may cause more pain.  If this is your first time to get your tattoo, then, it would be better for you to make a second thought and reconsider your planned tat placement.  The reason for this is that the skin on the foot area sticks to the bones of your foot and cause a great pain since there is no flesh to cushion it.

Another consideration that you have to become aware of is that when you’re getting a foot tat, it may be possible that your tattoo may get blurred with the passage of time.  Actually, this thing could possibly happen to any kind of tat etched on any part of your body.  But in general, foot tats are more vulnerable to this kind of problem.

Another thing is that since these tats are exposed to active motions, you might undergo a continuous re-touching of your cool foot tattoos in order to preserve their original look.  Keep in mind that the healing time for these kinds of tats can be much longer, and you have to take extra care for the wound to make sure that your tats would heal properly and timely.

Woman's left foot was tattooed with an exotic and special skull designs.Just like any kind of tattoo, it should be protected against direct sunlight.  You have to use sunscreen every time you go out under the sun.  Another precaution that you should consider is to avoid wearing shoes and clothes that would touch it while it’s not yet fully healed.  If you are planning to obtain your foot tats during winter season, that may not be a good idea at all.

This is because you can’t avoid wearing socks or footwear during this cold season; whereas during summer, you can go barefooted to take care of your cool foot tattoos.  During the healing process, you should always keep your foot clean with mild soap and warm water. But in washing it with water, take care not to rub your foot; instead, just pat it dry.

Despite of the pain and hassles in getting cool foot tattoos, a lot of women prefer to embed them because they look sexier paired with marvelous heels.