Cool Leg Tattoos for Guys and Gals

Man embedding the Japanese Koi fish tattoo design along his left leg.The Smart-looking Cool Leg Tattoos for Guys and Gals

If you’re searching for a good-looking tattoo that is fashionable, cool leg tattoos can answer your need.  These tats are great for placing in one of the loveliest areas of your body.  You can easily hide them if needed, and show them if you want.  That funky look that you’re fond of wearing can be achieved best with a leg tat and a mini skirt.

One thing that you would appreciate with these tats is that they have a variety of options available in the form of tat designs and areas to place them.  Ranging from a very small tattoo up to large or long ones, you can embed almost any type of tattoos on your legs.  Leg tattoos for women are available in different designs and placements as you can find in online sites.

A popular area to ink cool leg tattoos for women is your foot, beside the toes or below your ankle.  The most usual designs that women prefer to have on their bodies are flower tats, ladybug tattoos, butterfly tats and hummingbird tats.  As far as ankle tattoo designs are concerned, vine tats are the most sought after by women.  For anklet tats for girls, flowers and butterflies combined with vine tattoos are most frequently used as tat designs.

An amazing sunflower with vines tattoo designs etched on woman's leg.

Another popular leg tats for women are those engraved on the calf area.  They either cover the entire area of the calf or just a portion of it.  For this purpose, Chinese characters, heart tats or Celtic cross designs are often used as designs.  Other designs that are perfect as calf tats are crescent moon and Celtic sun tat designs, while many tat enthusiasts prefer to have tribal tattoos.

Woman had a pair of the flying swallow birds with stars tattooed on her calves.Cool leg tattoos that are made to cover the entire leg up to the knees are displayed by girls matched with tight slit dresses or short skirts.  In case of half or full leg tats, girls commonly pick colorful tattoos.  One of the feminine-looking tat designs that is favored by a lot of girls are the dolphin leg tats.  On the other hand, men are usually attracted to bold designs.

Whether a barbed wire or a skull tat design, men get attracted to these kinds of masculine designs which look perfectly nice on the calf area or somewhere above the ankles.  In their desire to cover their entire leg, some guys opt to have a mixture of tribal designs and in the case of men, Celtic tats are more popular, as well as horse tats and cub tats.

As to cool leg tattoos for men, they usually comprise of horse head, a classic sketch of a filled design or simply a filled design.  Tiger tat designs are also popular as half leg tats or for the calf area.  While there are some people who prefer outlines of black designs, others want colorful designs.  However, if you’re a kind of person who follows standard rules, cool leg tattoos for men are better done in black or any single type of colored ink, while colorful tats are best suitable for women.